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    32/F horny husband on deployment

    Thanks for his service, I hope you get serviced as well. 😁
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    Yes it is.

    I have two sets of TIMs devices. I have always wanted to use them on a willing partner.
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    Any couples in upstate South Carolina?

    Any couples in upstate South Carolina looking for a third (male)?
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    Introduction - Upstate SC

    I’m a white male, located in upstate South Carolina. I enjoy sharing husbands and hot wives. I especially enjoyed the first time with a couple, if you’re looking to seduce your wife into becoming a hot wife, I have done it before.
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    Introduction - Upstate SC

    Just want to say hello. I’m a white male in upstate SC. I enjoy sharing hubbies and hotwives/gfs.
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    Hi, a happy go lucky cuck husband here

    Very nice, I can’t wait to see them