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Recent content by Six T Nine

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    Any one else out there?

    I'm a wm, would love to share stories.
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    32/F horny husband on deployment

    Nice, where are you located?
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    Looking for her first

    Unfortunately too far away. I do occasionally travel to your area. If I do, in the near future, I will message you. I’m a very clean wm, multiple cummer with experience playing with couples.
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    Looking for her first

    I’m white but can definitely fill her full of cum. Where are you located?
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    I'm a clean wm, multiple cummer, that travels with work. I spend lots of time in Indiana, KY, West TN, MS, LA, TX and AR. Love playing with women and couples. Being watched is one of my kinks, slightly dominant personality. Anybody up for some fun??
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    I am a wife and a queen of spades

    It's an interesting hobby. Every couple and every experience is different. I have never watched one of my women get fucked but have fucked many wives and girlfriends. I just have an average cock but can nut 3 or 4 times without going limp. I can leave jizz oozing out of every hole. When I'm...
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    Oh Yes! Finally a Forum for us!

    What part of the country are you in.
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    Finding Gloryholes

    LOL Yeah I have. I don't anymore, its just not my thing. It's pretty easy to pick out the ones that have holes, especially if women are blowing. If a woman is blowing, the traffic in and out of the building will be very heavy. I have no idea how the word gets around but it does and there will be...
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    Finding Gloryholes

    Sit where you can watch the door and if there are quite a few people in and out, they are probably going in to get a quick blow and get out.
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    Are there any swingers in bowling green ketucky

    I'm a clean wm looking for couples and women.
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    Are there any swingers in bowling green ketucky

    I'm in BG on business every couple of weeks.