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Recent content by washaw

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    Comment by 'washaw' in media 'My wife'

    you ever get south, and close to me, would love to get my hands on her!
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    Looking in the Low country

    looking for swingers in the Charleston area that would accept a single guy.
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    Watching my wife being bred for the first time

    I was with a couple, we chatted, then met at a clib, the wife and I did a lot of dancing, we then came back here, he sat in a chair in the corner. She and I were making out, exploring each others body, undressing each other. I ate her pussy and shot a load, got it back and we tried sever al...
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    older, but not dead

    I have been looking for a woman age and rerlationship don't matter. I just need a playmate since my last one mover.
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    hello, I am an older guy looking for some fun, in the low country.

    I am an older guy looking for some fun, in the low country.