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How to use a gloryhole for the first time

Step One Find a gloryhole or make one of you're own in a private setting such as at you're home. Local adult stores often have gloryholes in the back rooms where you can watch porn and participate in sexual activity with other adults anonymously. Or make one in you're house for you're spouse or friends to use, with the illusion of anonymity.

Step Two If you use a local adult store gloryhole, you can use it with you're partner or engaged with a stranger. Just be mindful of STDs, as you will be having sexual contact with a stranger.

Step Three Once you are in a booth as they are called listen for a knock, or if you hear someone enter the booth you can knock. Or if you are there with you're partner they can enter the other booth and you can utilized the gloryhole.

Step Four Once you've finished if you are in the both be courteous and clean up you're mess, if you're at home. Well you can always lap it up, hahaha.
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