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I took my girlfriend to a gloryhole for the first time

This is a real story Submitted by a cumlinks adult forums user

You can find stories like this and others on cumlinks.com

So, I managed to talk my girlfriend into going to a local gloryhole at our local adult bookstore, and WoW! And we will definitely be doing again; it was an amazing experience. But what’s even sweeter is that I managed to talk her into letting my brother and my friend come with us! YES! My brother and my friend took multiple turns using the gloryhole! She’s an amazing girlfriend, and as it turns out she was turned on by the experience and had been fantasizing about using one for a long time. Fellas you’ve got to talk to your partner to find out these things, you might be pleasantly surprised! I loved it! When I first brought it up, she seemed kinda shy about it. We’d talked about threesomes in the past, but she didn’t have any experience with gloryholes or even know how to find one. So, when I told I had found one, she seemed more concerned about other people being involved. But upon my reassuring her that I was fully on board with it she actually got excited about it.

So, upon getting confirmation from her I let my friend and brother know that we’d need them at the gloryhole. My bro had a wife, whom he knew would never approve of such a thing, so he didn’t even bother asking her. He just wanted to lay some pipe, and my friend had just broken up with his girlfriend, so they were both down with it, of course. All I could hope at this point was that she didn’t get cold feet, but she wasn’t the type to do that. She’s shy but, not a chicken. So, the day came, and we went to the adult bookstore. We paid to use booths in the back and made our way back there cracking jokes. So, let’s talk about what I didn’t tell her, that two more of my friends were in the booth. Yeah, I know, but before we did anything everyone got tested and was clean. So, there would be 5 of us, not three. She didn’t know them, as I’d never introduced her, but they knew of her and even what she looked like. One told me he’d always wondered what it would be like to fuck her, so I was like her is your chance brother.

As we made our way back, I felt a rising excitement, my dick was hard. I pinched her ass and she giggled; I could tell that she was almost drunk off the rush of it all. She was enjoying herself, and that turned me on even more. We reached the booth adjacent to the one we’d be using; I peeked inside and saw everyone and put a finger up, to let them know not to give it all away. Then I went in with her and made out with her for a few minutes before it all kicked off. She kissed me hard and passionately, she was really excited now, good I thought! I slipped my hand into the front her shorts; God she was so wet! The first dick came through the hole, and we heard a quiet knock. She was excited and almost alittle giddy as she undressed. She knelt and started sucking his dick, watching her suck that dick sent a tingling pleasure right through me. She was making sloppy and messy too, there were strings of her saliva running off the shaft, and I heard a groan come from the other side. Then she sucked the head, for a second longer then popped it like a sucker, such a turn on! Then she stood and turned and back up to the hole. Oh my god I thought, FINALLY! I knew had to watch from this side for a few minutes, so I stayed to watch her get fucked. I bent down to get a good look as she eased him in, I heard a groan from the opposite side. She made a sound and looked at me, God that look. Those eyes, and that mouth, she’s easily a 9. But seeing her doing this made her a perfect 10!

She started to jerk back and forth as she was getting fucked, I could see the dick moving in and out of her then it withdrew. Sounded like the person almost came, and then another dick came through, she guided him in, and the rotation began. Ten minutes later they had all worked her through that hole, two had gone twice and the third was just starting to gain rhythm. I assumed the fourth guy was stroking himself while he rested. I watched her fuck what she thought was two dicks but was actually by this time four different cocks. I needed to get in on this, these dudes were plowing her and by now I was toying with a serious diamond cutting hard on. I kissed her, and I have to say the site of her jerking to the rhythm of the dick thrusting was so fucking sexy. By now she was starting to sweat abit and making these panting moaning sounds. I was ready, I told her I was going in and she smiled for a second before her mind went back to the dick fucking her.

The hole was just big enough that I could hear a slapping sound and their loins meeting her ass. I went out and gave the knock we agreed on, and the door open and there they were. All naked, pretty much lined up, playing with their dicks. There was a rail to hold on to for leverage and my brother was going in hard, he was so focused he didn’t notice me. Completely focused on pussy, he went deep and paused, then eased out and held his dick. He gave a shiver before shuffling away from the hole. I heard her make a soft sound as he withdrew. The guys who weren’t fucking noticed me come in and were like “get up here bro”. I stripped down and hoped in front, I slipped my dick through the hole and almost immediately felt her warmth envelope me. She felt tight and really wet and it only took a few moments before I really felt like I really needed to bust a nut. So, I pulled out and was like damn, I know now it was mental. But damn she really felt good like this, but I knew it was the fact this whole thing was a massive turn on. My buddy laughed and was like she feels so good like this, and my brother said she felt like she was holding him her fist because of the tightness.

One of the other guys step up to the hole, slid his dick into the hole, made a slow pleased exhalation and smiled stand there with his head lolling abit. Then he held the rail and slowly started to thrust, and gasp working himself up to a steady rhythm before slowing to savor the sensations. He edged himself for a bit before pulling out, then with a shudder he withdrew and stepped away. We rotated for nearly half an hour. I went at her for nearly a full seven minutes once; this was everything I’d ever imagined. She was really turned on! We thought ahead and we had brought a bottle of lube, (her idea) but she didn’t need, she was producing a lot of juices, and it coated us. We could hear her moans from the other side, soft breathy sounds that were turning us on. My brother came in her first, he shuddered, eyes rolling up, tongue out and almost started convulsing as he thrust. Then he almost slumped and stayed with her for a few seconds as she slowly moved back onto him. Then he slowly withdrew shivering, and practically limped to the other side of the wall. I needed to bust at this point, so I stepped up and slid my dick into the hole pretty much as soon as he pulled out. I slipped my dick into the hole, and that all too familiar warm heat enveloped me again, answered by a soft breathy sigh from the otherside.

I’ll be honest, seeing him bust in her seriously weakened my resolve. It started as a tension with heat behind it, and initially went I noticed it had no direction, but it disoriented the shit out of me. I tried to banish it from my thoughts, but it felt like it was gaining strength. It sent tendrils of pleasure that felt like they were spreading through my dick, tumbling down my legs, and rolling up my spine. This felt like the first time I’d ever had sex, it was definitely all all in my mind, but this shit was making me commit to what was coming. By now, the head of my dick felt like it was on fire and burning with a pleasure that was broiling in my very gut. I could feel pleasure from the area of my prostate start to pulse uncontrollably. Then the damn seemed to burst, and it felt like my cock exploded with what felt like magma! For a few seconds I felt like I was pleasure itself, the room literally seemed brighter somehow! Then the washback, it hit hard with a sharp pleasure that made me gasp, and almost had me staggering. My dick was still pulsating and throbbing with a sensation that had me smiling like a dumb ass, as I rode what I like to call the wave. I heard someone say holy fuck bro, but the sounded so far away. I heard response from her side, gasping and panting. Then she tighten around me, she felt so warm and soft. I was deep inside her, and that heat felt like it was soaking into me.

The sensations slowly faded, and my mind started to clear itself of the fog from the release. Man, if it wasn’t for that rail, I likely would have toppled over. I withdrew, even as I could feel her tightening and relaxing her kegel muscles, God this was almost indescribable. All the way up until the head of my dick came out of her, I could feel that lingering pleasure. I stepped back and shuddered for a second to collect myself, and as soon as I stepped away, another guy stepped in. I needed to see her, so I put on my clothes and told them I was going back to her. I took one more look before leaving, they all had the hungry look. They were lined up, each man waiting his turn to release. My God this was so fucking hot! God my girl was a beast! I went out and enter her booth. And there she was, beautiful as ever and covered in sweat. Her long legs straight and almost on her toes, back up to the hole, jerking to the cock thrusting in and out of her. Her eyes looked glazed and excited, her tits were perky and lolled back and forth. She reached out to me, and I took her hand knelt and I could see the dick moving in and out of her. I could see the streams of semen running down the back of her thighs, and it was still dripping out of her pussy. It had gone from the white goo, to almost to looking like water.

Then I heard the guy fucking her groan and stop thrusting, I could hear him shuffle closer to the hole to move himself deeper inside her. I Looked under her and I could see his prostate throbbing which made his nuts look like they were pulsating. She responded with a smile and by tilting her head to the side, then she stuck her tongue out. I could see that she was concentrating, and I could tell that she was tightening her pussy around his dick. I heard a groan emanating from behind the wall and I could see his cum starting to drip out of her. He tried to thrust for a few seconds before the pleasure overtook him, I remembered what it felt like it. I thought “enjoy it you lucky bastard don’t fight it” and chuckled. Then he stopped moving and gradually his nuts stopped pulsating. He withdrew and cum came right out of and spattered onto the floor. As soon he pulled back through the hole, another cock came through, and she backed right back onto it and guided him inside. This dick was abit bigger than the last, but she was so warmed up she didn’t even flinch as she took it inside. This guy was obviously worked up, he started to thrust almost immediately.

His cock was coated with load from front to back after a few thrusts, he was thrusting and slowing, edging himself. Eventually I heard him groan and his thrusts got more desperate and then he stopped thrusting and started to dump his load. His balls were pulsating and by now she was packed with load, his almost had nowhere to go inside, started running out of her and down her legs almost immediately. That was hot as fuck, so much load came out her, and ran down her legs. She had always like when I nutted in her, watching her responding to him unloading in her was hot.

I sat there for a second listening to the man on the other side and his almost exhausted groans, and gasps. His cock continued to pulsate a few more seconds before he started to slowly withdraw from. Again, there was another flood of cum gushing out of her. She looked down between her legs and giggled and gave me that look again. To be honest I was starting to feel the urge to go back into the other booth again because watching these cocks release their pulsing loads, was really starting to make me feel that welling pleasure again. Another cock came through the hole this time she turned around and started sucking it, and I mean sucking it! Like really going at it, she worked him for a few minutes bobbing her head at it and slurping, before grabbing a wad of spit and spearing it on her pussy and turning around to guide him in. I heard him groan when the head entered.

She backed up flush with the hole and let him rail her for a few minutes before the telltale pants and moans began. Then came that helpless desperate sound of a man trying to hold himself back, and almost emotional groan before he thrust deep and stayed with her. She was making pleasant soft sounds and panting I could see the goose bumps on her side and her arms. His dick was bigger, and it seemed to almost expand and contract with his release, and almost immediately cum started running out of her. His load was thicker than the others I’d noticed and, clumped as it fell off her pussy. His cock jerked up and down at the base for a few seconds before it stopped and was still within. He stayed still for a few moments then he slowly thrust, in and out trying to savor those final delights. When he pulled out, cum ran out of her again and trickled down her legs onto the floor.

She looked at me and could see how excited and turned on I was, she asked if I was okay, and I told her absolutely. I asked her if she was okay, and she smiled, and panting told me that we would have to do this again. She said she felt euphoric, I leaned and kissed her, and she kissed back through her pants. As she was still up to the hold another dick slipped into her and she gasped and looked at me through glazed eye and while I kissed her, she jerked, and breathed as she was getting fucked again. In my mind I Counted and realized someone wanted seconds. I thought to myself if she figures out there are more guys in that booth than we talked about, there might be hell to pay. I thought to myself, these guys are gonna have to skedaddle, or this’ll be over before it’s even started. So, I told her I was going to go back in for a few and that I’d be back.

So, I slipped back out and went back into the other booth. I saw that the two unofficial guys were pretty much spent, so I told them to go ahead and bounce as it was winding down. They nodded, thanked me, and started getting dressed. I told them I’d stay in touch and that the next time they’d officially be included. All said in whispers of course, they nodded, and we shook hands and they left quietly. My brother was pounding his loins against the wall again, working himself up to another climax. This started to turn me on again, and I took off my pants and started playing with my dick as my friend and stood behind him in a now three-man line up. My brother lost himself and started panting and gasping with his mouth hanging wide open, completely consumed. Then his eyes squeezed shut and he bucked abit, before going still within her and finished depositing his load in her. He stayed still making sharp exhalations mixed with strained groans before he slumped. My body was really burning now, he stepped away and my friend stepped up to the hole and slid his dick into it with a prolonged sigh of relief.

He thrust slowly but groaned with each thrust, as he panted, I could hear her making sounds as he thrust, making those soft feminine sounds that making my cock so hard it almost ached. My cock felt like it was full of just pleasure again, and I knew this orgasm was going to feel more intense than the first. Maybe it was this knowledge that made it particularly hard to contain my lust. My friend didn’t last long, as he started making soft winning sound sounds, before he made a throaty cough. He shuddered before his thrusts slowed to almost a crawl and his head lolled back, and he produced breathy pants while shivering. He rolled onto his toes and almost bounced abit before he settled and slowly went deep and stayed there, he looked like he was squeezing his eyes shut, and almost wincing. Then he bucked a few more times before he got a grip and withdrew. He staggered for few moments and then went and rested against the wall, my brother chuckled and asked me if her pussy always felt like it is dragging your insides out when you nutted in her. I said, it never fails with a smirk. By this point I had a raging boner, I stepped up to the hole and slid my cock through, right back into heaven again. She felt juicier than the first time, all those loads I briefly thought.

The excitement and endorphin induced high was starting to take its tole though. I knew almost immediately I wasn’t going to last long, and I could feel the pleasure already dragging me towards conclusion. My brother chuckled and said once you’d nutted in her, you couldn’t last long, it’s like that pussy weakens your resolved. But damn I tried to hold onto it, I gritted my teeth. It’s almost like she could sense it too. And I slowed my movements to resist, she started moving back and forth onto my shaft, and the pleasure overwhelmed me, and my load came spewing out into her. I jerked and tried to keep thrusting; my cock felt like it was on fire from tip to root. I sat still for a few moments as the room came back into focus, and the ringing in my ears faded. I was still well with her, and I slowed my movements in her, a few minutes. My brother and friend were almost dressed, I savored those few thrusts, before I pulled out and stepped back.

I told them I was going to back in with her a bit, and that we might stay for a bit. They said OK and that they’d catch us later. When I went in, she was using baby wipes to clean herself up. She deliberately cleaned between her thighs while staring right at me and smirked. I asked if she was sore, and she said not at the moment at least, but she might be later on. Man, there was semen everywhere on and around her under the gloryhole, I got a text from my friend thanking me again. It really shocked me that I was still feeling so euphoric, I figured I’d crash later on though. I was already starting to think about what another experience like this would be like, and I kept getting a flush of pleasure at thought of the extra guys dumping in her. I planned to tell her about it later, but I’d wait for us to be alone. She’d told me she was always turned by getting fucked by someone she didn’t know, so I thought why not heighten that experience.

This is a real story Submitted by a cumlinks adult forums user

You can find stories like this and others on cumlinks.com
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