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New member
My husband is a little shy when it comes to the idea of fucking another woman in front of me.
Any tips to get him into it? And how to find the right woman for the job as well?

cuckquean 4ever

New member
I love to watch my (king) enjoy fucking other women, and it’s not because of feeling secure. It’s because I’ve always felt turned on by it and we are on the same page. We check in with each other to make sure nothing has changed, and both operate with the understanding that if feeling and excitement change we will adjust course. But what excites us in our marriage is our business and people can and will judge, but it’s our marriage and how we get our rocks off is for us to decide. Just put yourself out there in the right places, you're looking for a specific type of female. She has to be into cuckqueaning and understand the rules.