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Hi all,

I am an experienced mature bull (58), living close to London. I have explored various different cuckolding scenarios with couples and have also been cuckolded myself in the past. As a result, I have an excellent understanding of the dynamics of cuckold relationships and not only enjoy the company of experienced couples, but am also able to provide a safe, secure and highly pleasurable introduction to the lifestyle for couples who are thinking of dipping their toes in the water for the first time. I always take things at a pace that suits the couple and keep very carefully in mind the fact that a cuckold relationship is fundamentally a tripartite one and that it is critically important that all 3 of us are getting exactly what they want and expect from it. I can even provide references from cuckold couples to reassure people that I really understand this sort of relationship.

I am very open-minded and easygoing and have a genuine desire to help couples to bring their cuckold fantasies to life. I am orally bi (but could be open to going further in the right circumstances) and I don't have any preference for the role that the cuckold partner might wish to take. Some guys like to just watch, some like to be fully involved, some like to 'clean up' and some like me to meet their wife/partner 1:1. I am cool with any scenario that suits the two of you.

I am a lifetime non-smoker, clean, healthy, in reasonable shape for my age and I do know where to find the soap and the deoderant.

I am well-educated and make highly entertaining company in any social setting and not just the bedroom.

Ideally, I am looking for a couple that are interested in exploring a cuckold relationship as a long-term fairly regular thing. I am not particularly interested in one-off meets, but they do have their place.

I am a part-time professional fashion and portrait photographer and as such, I have a very interesting little sideline in offering discreet intimate photoshoots to wives and couples. These can be a very interesting way for wannabe couples to begin exploring this lifestyle because I am happy to offer an initial free photoshoot with no expectation of any sexual involvement with me. Wannabe cuckold guys love watching me putting their partner at ease in front of the camera and directing them to pose. They especially enjoy it when their wife/partner becomes sufficiently relaxed to get a bit more daring perhaps agrees to strip down to lingerie or topless or even nude. There is never any pressure from me to do any of those things. I am able to produce some very high-end artistic images that you will both love and treasure forever. I am happy to send examples of my work to those that are interested. I have attached a couple of examples to this post.


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