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My boyfriend and I had a foursome with two of his friends basically MFMM. We had just been all been chillin around a fire pit in the back yard, him and I started makin out. One of them touched my boobs, and we all laughed and jokingly I kissed him, and he kissed back. And I held on, and started mining his mouth. I stopped and looked at my boy friend and he just nodded and shirked his shoulder, so I started undoing my pants and so did his buddy. We had talked about bringing other people in for a threesome before, but not a foursome. When him and his other friend started taking there clothes off too, my heart raced abit, but I was like what's one more. I felt abit nervous for a few seconds realizing we were gonna do this outside in our back yard. But then I saw their dicks and my pussy started to throb with a fiery pleasurable I'd never felt before.

And the fear and nervousness just went outta me, and when he climbed between my legs to mounted me, I let out a sound like a sighing grown. It felt like someone was literally sliding a hot stick into me, it was like I was cumming. He didn't last long and soon enough he was groaning and pumping his load into me. i remember my ears kinda ringing from my orgasm, and this kind shooting pleasure working its way down my hips to my toes. Then the next man in line, my boyfriend stepped up, enjoyed his turn. He was harder than I'd ever felt him before, which meant that he was seriously turned on. When he exploded he got and stepped aside for the last guy.

When he lay spent on me the first two had already recovered and were ready again, but instead running of a train they wanted it together this time. So I sat on his friends dick while my boyfriend stuck his dick in my mouth. It didn't take long before he was shoving his hips up at me and groaning, his dick throbbing inside. When he pulled out the guy who had finished last and was ready again. My boyfriend wanted pussy again, so he got behind me and his friend slid into my mouth. They actually came within seconds of each other. I remember the throbbing inside me and in my mouth and I started cumming so hard I had to tell myself not to bite the guys dick. His cum tasted really sweet, and it was really thick. I swallowed it, and then sucked my boyfriend off again while he was still burning with the residual pleasure throbbing through his cock. While I was sucking him, one of his buddies slid into me from behind and started tapping away. When my boyfriend nutted, he turned me over, climbed between my legs and rode my missionary for awhile. We came together clutching at each other, we bucked and jerked our way through the orgasms.

When we lay completely spent, and my ear stopped ringing. My boyfriend suggested that way finish up inside, we all laughed as we walked into the house, and I started making out with one his friends. I was the center of attention and I loved it! The three of them when into the living room and sat on the couch and I worked my way up and down the line, till I started getting tired. The I got on my boyfriend and I felt one of them squat behind me. I didn't jump as he started playing with my asshole. It was kinda tight when he slid into my ass, but the pleasure was intense. I'd never down dual penetration before, it almost made me shutter. Then his last buddy eased into my mouth. Soon my boyfriend and and the guy in my ass came. And went to sit on the couch and watch me the last guy face fuck me. When he was about to pop, he pulled out and shot his load into my mouth.

We all just chilled and we told them that we'd been talking about doing that with someone, but not a foursome. We all laughed at that, one of them even saying "go big or go home". I've never regretted that experience, and still feel excited when I think back on it.
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