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New member
My first experience as a cuckold hubbie was the most intense I've ever experienced on this journey! It like most others was not planned, we were both sober, both had talked about it, but never been in the right situation for something to happen. Until a we went to a concert with a friend who turned out to be the perfect candidate.

I've known this guy for years now, we both have. My wife has often joked about fuckin him, from time to time. But I think we always just told ourselves we were joking, :sneaky: yeah I know. But I could always tell she was attracted to him. He's much fitter than I am, and much better looking. So upon coming back from this concert and with her being in such high spirts and moods, she was actually flirty. Which really fuckin made my heart race, it was not all excitement. There was some jealousy at first, but as I sat with it, it started to go from jealously to sexual excitement. And this happened really quickly, so quickly that she never noticed my initial reaction. Which I'm glad she didn't as she might have pulled back, so it worked out perfectly!

As the night went on, their chemistry started to really start to ware down their inhibitions. She kept giving me looks and my body language and attitude must've told her that I was fine. When she finally reached up to hug him, I could tell she was barely restraining herself. And I could tell he was trying to hide a serious erection, and he seemed just a bit nervous. But at this point I know what was going to happen and I think they knew too. An hour after this she gave me a look, basically asking for permission. And I leaned over and gave her a kiss, and told her yes I wanted it too.

So I just asked him, I pulled him aside and asked if he would mind fucking my wife while I watched. His eyes widened for a second, probably waiting for me to say I was joking. When I didn't, he nodded and said yes. He still looked a bit nervous like he was waiting for the gotcha, to come. But he gradually relaxed, so we sat down together and just let it all out. She said she'd wanted to fuck him since the first time they met. He told us that he's been jackin off to her social media profile pics for sometime now. So she said fuck it, lets do it.

They did it the living room the first time. And I have to say when I think back on it, watching my wife whom I've been happily married to for the last 24 years sit on another mans cock and make the noise she made, felt like a complete over to my senses! My heart picks up a few beats just as I think about it even now. The mix of emotions, the shame, the excitement, the thrill, of doing the most taboo act. He was so much bigger than I was, and she took him inside without complaint. And the way he shuddered and his head kept lolling maintained that balance of jealousy and excitement. And I think any cuckold husband can related to it. Watching him move behind her, and he going down on all fours excited the fuck outta me. She kept looking over her shoulder at him, which meant she wanted eye contact.

The sound of her as rebounding off his loins, was beautiful! As well as the way he held her hips as he thrust. And the creamy slime on his cock, that she turned around to suck of and deliberately swallow. She looked at me the whole time he dog fucked her, and she looked at me when she sucked that BBC. She finally lay on back, her tits rolled up onto her chest. He sucked her nipples and ran his tongue around her areolas. He shuddered again when he mounted himself between her thighs, and gave they both that sigh when he sank into her again. He was slowed down twice to kiss her, I knew he was trying to hold himself back. Trying with everything he had to prolong the experience.

They were starting loose themselves and were becoming focused on each other, and their pending orgasm. By now her pussy was completely warmed up and she was taking him deep with any complaint. He was thrusting hard now, building up the momentum to his orgasm and mine! I was sitting on the side jerkin away watchin my wife get fucked, just saying that shit gets me going right now. When he started to groan I felt eyes start rolling up and I experienced the what had to have been the most intense orgasms ever! Like the sound of them loosing themselves as they started cumin, felt like I was actually in the pussy! Absolutely crazy!

He thrust through his nut, she buried he face in his chest and start making yelping groaning noises, and her legs were shaking. When he pulled out I could see his cum running out of her pussy. I about lost it, it took her a full 10 minutes to relax and come back to herself. They went and showered together, and I sat back and evaluated myself and my emotions. And decided that I liked the experience, and would like to do it again sometime. Once they had showered we sat and talked for a few hours before he left, my wife and I lay in bed together. We talked and we checked in with each other, and our feelings. We decided together that we were now and probably always were a CUCKOLD COUPLE! We said it out loud and it felt good!


Staff member
That’s what I’m talkin about! Those are the type of recounts we need! I’ll probably sneak off to bathroom at work to jerk to this! :cool:(y)