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Our First Experience



Our first swinging experience was actually an accident, with some of our friends. It wasn't planned but luckily we were both in the same place mentally. I'll tell it from my perspective as the male part of the marriage.

All in all three couples ending fucking each other that night, and I have to say as I fucked my friends wife that night, I felt more free than I've ever felt before! As I fucked a women I'd known for years, but never truly known. I'd always thought she had a great ass, and tight body. I was so excited I just manged to hold my load back, but not for long and erupted in her. Then she almost immediately went on to start sucking the next man in what seemed like a rotation, and I grabbed the next free female that wasn't my wife and got stuck into her.

I regularly threw and eye over at my wife from time to time, making sure that she was still into it. She's smile and nod and on we went. Finally working our way around to one another, somehow knowing that my wife had just fucked two men before me, excited the shit outta me! She looked like I felt, utterly excited! It almost felt like we were both full of adrenaline, that wouldn't fade even after we left. We went out in our backyard and talked about out experience that night. We decided to do this ever now and then, and we both agreed that if either one of us ever felt different we'd make it known to one another.

But we knew we had just found something we could enjoy together. It's surprisingly hard to find like minded individuals.