The Look On His Face Still Gets Me Excited


BBC Wife Bull

The first time I cuckolded my husband the look on his face will stay with me forever! His expression was one I'd never seen or had never seen on his face before, a mix of pain, surprise, and budding pleasure, all rolled into one expression. I loved it, because I was the reason, the reason for his excitement! All throughout we kept making eye contact and smiling at each other, well as much as I could see at least, my point of view was a bit jerky you see. And when I came he would almost shutter. And when our bull went over the falls and nutted in me, my hubby was panting like he'd just ran a marathon, and his hands were shaking from adrenaline! He wasn't nearly as large as my lover but I could tell he was erect, more excited than I'd ever seen him. He told me he almost felt physical pain when our bull and I started, but then it was replaced by an almost burning pleasure! I love this man so much for letting me experience this!