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Watching my wife being bred for the first time


White cucked bubby

It was the most intense this I've ever experienced! We'd done Swinging before, but to be completely sidelined, made me feel a combination of weak, pathetic, and thrilled ll rolled into one! Then came the erotic sensations, they the most intense they had ever been! My wife was enjoying herself to boot! Watching her focus on pleasing another the way she was turned me on like I'd never felt before!


Mature white Male
Tempe,AZ. Seeking couples
For threesomes


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I was with a couple, we chatted, then met at a clib, the wife and I did a lot of dancing, we then came back here, he sat in a chair in the corner. She and I were making out, exploring each others body, undressing each other. I ate her pussy and shot a load, got it back and we tried sever al positions on the couch. I don't think I have ever cum so hard as I did in her. hubby was having a ball kibitzing. problem was they were just visiting in town.


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I luv watchin men empty their balls on or in my wife, she usually takes the first load inside and then will suck out the rest either onto her breasts, or ass!

WoW RioAllen! She looks hot! Nice pics!