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Why are Cuckold Husbands and Wives so turned by with Breeding?

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  • Question Why do couples like when the bull raw dawgs her and cums inside her (breeds her)?
  • Question Why does the husband sometimes like to clean up (suck the bulls) cum our of her?
  • Question What does the hubby feel when he's watching her with her lover? Does he feel sexual excitement or just humiliation?
  • Question Does cuckold humiliation give the cuck hubbie pleasure?
  • Question What does the cuckold wife feel while she is humiliating her husband?
  • Question How to bring up cuckolding to my spouse?
  • Question What if my wife gets pregnant from her bull?
  • Question Is it gay to suck another mans cum out of a woman?
  • Question How do cuckold relationships work day to day?
  • Question As a cuckold Husband do I always have to be in the room when the bull is using her?
  • Question Doesn't cuckolding effect your relationship when your not enjoying an experience and just living day to day?
Not open for further replies.