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Why Is Swinging So Damn Exciting?


Staff member
I think we do things because of how we feel, not just to do them. It's like asking a fighter why they do what they do, they'll tell you because the like the feeling right? Well for those who've never engaged in the swinger life, yeah it might seem alien to you as yes it unorthodox. But the feeling of watching my wife have sex in a group, or with another partner as I'm being cuckolded, there is nothing like it! See most people don't, won't, or even can't understand the feeling of completely going against your hard wiring! The jealousy, the thrill of watching what is yours be enjoyed by another in every way society has taught us that we don't want, the freedom. Completely going against the grain, I can't type all day and never really convey it. For those curious, I recommend a long discussion with your partner, lover, or wife to really play devils advocate. Because the first time is never easy, but once you understand what you are feeling, it makes its the journey to your release amazing!

BBC Wife Bull

I think it the thought of doing something that is supposed to dirty or frowned upon. I feel adventurous, alive and powerful! And it feels good to have just free unrestrained and unconstrained sex. That's why we do, but everyone has there own reasons.